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Thread: Poem Contest entry

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    Poem Contest entry

    beyond the bounds

    You have never known what lies beyond the bounds
    What goes on past all understanding
    And surpasses all.

    You see, dream, and see that It stands above, the peak-
    Reaching haphazardly into the sky
    the infinite blueness of which
    stretches far far far on past all vision
    Transcending reason and all limits
    Until it shatters the clouds and the sphere of human dominance
    Into irreparable fragments.

    So birds may wing
    And the most elusive and purest of winds
    Gust and curl about the roughened edges up high
    In tendrils of wispy ethereality
    Flows into the lungs
    Which burn from altitude and exertion,
    Exhaustion threatens to fling you straight off the mountain.

    A blatant, cheeky challenge,
    That mocks the potential, rips apart the will
    And throws all time, all determination
    Veering off course, and you-
    you poor foolish soul who dares to defy
    The beautiful ferocity of the unknown heights,
    you can choose to forsake the summit…

    …or relentlessly climb upwards,
    clinging to slippery rocks, jagged rocks, and sharp rocks
    that draw blood and leaves it in your wake.
    Crimson bearing silent witness to your inexperience and/or stupidity
    Why on earth didn’t you bring gloves?
    But bloody crimson too are the pretty little flowers
    Which line your treacherous path.

    It is death’s insolent grin
    Ridiculously knowing and spiteful
    which you cannot help but catch a nervous glimpse of,
    which lies below in imminent wait
    For just one singular moment:
    A foot to slip, for you to grab
    For a handhold that simply isn’t there.

    Despite all, the clouds hover,
    and you drink the sweet air in thirsty gulps
    and the sun is almost within reach, beating down from above
    scorching the resilience of the spirit
    so that it dries up in a hollow shadow of what it used to be.
    But still, Lady Nature cannot make itself a parody of your bravado
    Your pride will never forgive it.

    Already what lies beyond can be seen,
    in a tempting, tiny sliver of what is yet to come.
    Sometimes you are forced to deviate from the straightest route
    by storm clouds; losing sight of the pinnacle
    And for a second, when all seems lost
    you forget that it was your idea in the first place.
    You cling desperately on to nothing more than an image.

    And then, you behold the light.
    The zenith is reached, and you stand,
    victorious in conquering where the heavens and earth mingle into one whole
    Eternity is in your grasp, cupped in your palms
    And you can touch the sky
    There being no division between what is reality and dream
    For now both are one and the same.

    The dawn is brilliant, coming up to celebrate your pain and victory-
    But it has only a chill warmth.
    You stand triumphant, isolated from the mere mortals struggling on below;
    The surrounding mountains echo your name,
    but only yours alone.
    The barren Winter has already settled in
    And time is frozen, with only you changing.

    You are cradled in the cocoon of the high altitude
    And the entirety of where you came from lies submissively below
    All spread out, and it is only by now you think that it
    Rolling on for miles and miles in every single direction
    Has always been as worthy a target as the sky.
    It was only that the sun’s glare
    had blinded your vision.

    At the very end,
    you would rather hold the pretty little red flowers
    Than the whole world in your hands.
    Then you look down, from the sky and the sun and what
    All has turned out to be only an illusion
    To your comfort and dismay,
    you only see a steep, sheer, craggy precipice
    Leading back down again.

    And then you jump.

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    Re: Poem Contest entry

    If you win the contest it should be with flying colors cause this poem is very good. Keep up the great job you're doing.
    "Sunset Kisses Along The Beach"
    Made for me by HolderofTheDarkChalice
    Thanks so much I love it!

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    Re: Poem Contest entry

    Even though it IS good I lost my interest because it was too long. But I like your ideas presented

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