Yes 1up has also confirmed a fall release date along with PSM, and EGM. Now we just have to wait for a SE announcement! Below is what they said at the bottom of the page.

And for the Square Enix fans, look forward to Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, previously thought to be a Japan-only upgrade, to arrive here in the fall, complete with the Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories 3D remake. That's one hell of an "extra."

Source: Guitar Hero 80s, Half-Life 2: Orange in New EGM news from

I feel sooo excited now 2 magazines, and 1 website has confirmed FM+ to come state side! I believe the Square-Enix will announce FM+ to come state side at World Hobby Fair 07 on the 25th!

Got this from a freind of mine i thought you all migh want to see
the info is close to the bottom