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Thread: 2009 - Year of the Gamer

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    2009 - Year of the Gamer

    I don't know about you guys but I am definately excited about the upcoming Fight Night game. It looks great. Especially with the fact that I can finally match up my 2 favorite boxers of all time. Muhammad Ali and Mike "Tattoo Face" Tyson lol.

    But that's not it. We also got UFC Undisputed coming in March and my person pick for game of the year of 2009.....Dante's Inferno!!!!

    I mean Dante's Inferno's world premiere trailer looks freaking sweet lol.

    Then for the Rock n Roll people you should get excited with BrutaL Legend coming out starring Jack Black. Even I think that the game looks awesome. and the only rock I listen to is AC/DC lol.

    If theres any other games you guys look forward to post it here. I would love to check them out myself.

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    Re: 2009 - Year of the Gamer

    I'm still hopin' nintendo pops out another star fox game sometime next year, to be honest other than that, nothing I've heard about so far has really inspired me to call next year the 'year of the gamer.' but whatever. I really hope I can get a 360 soon though, buy me the new prince of persia game, maybe the new assassin's creed (whenever it comes out), maybe buy a couple shooters my friends have and play live..oh! and I also wanna get command and conquer red alert 3 for the PC really bad. I frickin' love that game.

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