Has anything weird or funny ever happen to you on the 4th of July. Because there are always funny thing happening on any other holiday like christmas. One time when me and my cousins were playing with fireworks, this guy just walked up to us, saying that he was a profession at popping firework. He lit a bottlerocket, but he had stopped to talk to someone behind him. I guess he noticed that the firework was pointed the wrong way, because he caught on fire. Then the firework shot straight toward him, then he really caught on fire. He had stopped and patted himself down, then he started rolling around on the ground. Then my grandma came out, started screaming. She ran to the side of her house and turned on the waterhose. She turned it up too high(it was one of those hoses with the changeble nozzles) it was set to jet. He started screaming, I guess because the water hurt! That was soooo funny. I think that was about 5 years ago.^_^