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Thread: 5 Most Listened to Songs

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    5 Most Listened to Songs

    People are always asking, "What's your favorite song," and it's always difficult for me to come up with an answer because it's such a subjective question. I have different favorites at different times of the day. The one thing, however, that can't lie, is the play count on my iTunes. Here is a little originality. A nice little departure from the "What are you Listening to thread"

    And I haven't made a thread in what... a year?

    (x135) Hey - Pixies
    I've always been a huge Pixie fan, Bossanova, Doolittle are albums everyone should hear IMO. Zack and Miri make a porno turned out so much better just because I got to hear this song again.

    (x120) I Got Mine - The Black Keys
    They performed at Bonnaroo back in '04. Favorite blues-rock duo/band hands down. This song is the same mix as Raconteurs.

    (x98) Santeria - Sublime
    It's Sublime. I'm KenX. We are synonymous with each other.

    (x92) Wanted - Pepper
    The first time I heard Pepper was at 311 Summer Tour '06. This band quickly became my favorite Rock Raggae band

    (x74) The Last Sunshine - Pigeon John
    Former LA Symphony rapper, mostly a collaborator (his 'feat. Pigeon John albums are f*ckin' awesome), Pigeon John has a nice soft-core hip-hop/rap style about him with very minimal cursing in his songs he's far from Gangsta Rap. And Since rap is mostly dead now (except dirty south rap) it's nice to listen to Alternative hip/hop.

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    Re: 5 Most Listened to Songs

    Well I don't use iTunes so I'll check my Winamp "Most Played" category instead...
    Hmmm, this will be inaccurate at best. It seems to go back only to about 3 weeks ago. And the song with the highest play count stands at only 15 listens. On top of that I recently switched computers so I'll have to try and boot up my old IDE drive and check that Winamp's "Most Played" category as well.

    OK this isn't going to be very accurate at all. The highest amount on the old IDE HDD is only 26 while I've used the thing for 6 years...

    OK, so here's a completely inaccurate list:

    (31x) Ministry - Roadhouse Blues
    A cover of the classic The Doors song done in hyperactive style. Great driving music and it has a sweet dirty solo worked into it.

    (28x) Nine Inch Nails - A Warm Place
    A mostly instrumental track inspired by David Bowie's equally sublime Crystal Japan. Also high on my favourite list. (If I had one of those that is.)

    (28x) Kyuss - Fatso Forgotso Phase II (flip the phrase)
    Precursors to Queens of the Stone age and some nice grainy stoner tunes.

    (21x) Queens of the Stone Age - If Only
    Not my favourite QotSA song but apparently still the one I've listened to the most. A great track nonetheless.

    (21x) Chemlab - Derailer
    "This poison feels like heaven! Like every bad thing that I wanna dooooo!"
    Perfect for when you just have to go a little crazy.

    An interesting thing I've noticed is that some of what I consider to be my 'favourite' songs aren't on this list. I guess it's because I think I'll get bored of them if I listen to them too much coupled with the fact that some songs lend themselves better to repeated listens than others.
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    Re: 5 Most Listened to Songs

    =] My 5 happy songs.

    1.(x153) Dating Games - Insane Clown Posse
    2.(x149) Dragula - Rob Zombie
    3.(x135) Boom - System of a Down
    4.(x99) Chic' n Stu - System of a Down
    5.(x98) Foxy Foxy - Rob Zombie

    I find Rob Zombie's voice very.. enticing.
    But everybody's voice is nowadays.
    That's why I listen to freaky music. Just blends good.

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    Re: 5 Most Listened to Songs

    The five songs I listen to most. Hmmm...thats actually not that s=tough.

    1. All The Same- Sick Puppies. Punk Rock song that had a "Free Hugs" video. I loved it from the beginning

    2. Riot-Three Days Grace. Hard rock song. No video unfortunately but it still gained popularity. Its a good "I'm angry" song

    3. You'll Be In My Heart- Prefromed by Usher on the Disney Mania soundtack. I puts me in a lovey dovey mood. Makes me think of ko-chan's acceptance of me.

    4. I Miss Those Days (Ghost)- By Mixi. Its fun and upbeat. Although if you listen to the lyrics to hard you may get depressed O.o

    5. Decode-Paramore. Heard it before I saw Twilight and fell in love. Its a great song and has the potential to be some couples "song". Its not mine but its still a damn good song.

    Our love will go on until the end of time. I will always be yours and you will be mine.

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    Re: 5 Most Listened to Songs

    (x 181) Life In Technicolor - Coldplay
    Okay, please let me explain how this could possibly happen: I was hearing to the song but I had to leave and forgot to shut down iTunes. So it played this song in loop function for about I don't know how many hours. <:
    That's it. It's not supposed to be here actually. >_<

    (x 153) Fiver Fingers - Aesop Rock
    Awesome song, awesome rapper. I really love this song.

    (x 111) Hip Hop? (ft. The Procussions) - Hocus Pocus
    Very funny song. Not one of my favourites anymore, still a nice song to hear to.

    (x 98) Stir It Up - Bob Marley
    My favourite song of Bob Marley. I love him for making this. And his other music of course.

    (x 95) Around The World - Daft Punk
    Very interesting beat. I listened to that song that many times, although the song is 7 minutes long. <:

    (x 94) Farewell My Hell - Millencolin as well as Blood Brothers - Papa Roach
    I figured I should listen the 6th place(s) too, since my first place is cheated. Both song's very cool, especially Blood Brothers ...

    Like Hassun, this isn't an actual collection of songs I really like at the moment, therefore I don't listen to them that much at the moment. They are all great, but I like other songs more now.
    You are now breathing manually. :P


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    Re: 5 Most Listened to Songs

    1. Nightmare- Michael Shenker Group
    This is a very melodic guitar/vocal ballad. Great, great song. Very passionate.
    2. Poison- Alice Cooper
    Aw, so many girls find this hot. lol, but it is a great song and I am a huge Alice Cooper fan.
    3. She's Fallen in Love with the Monster Man-Wristcutters soundtrack
    One of my favorite movies, and this is just a really cool song. It reminds of the very old moster movies from way back when.
    4. We're A Happy Family- The Ramones
    I love the Ramones, and this song is off the same album as Chainsaw. I listen to it straight through on playlist.
    5. White Man- Queen
    from 1976 album A Day At The Races. Very nice classic heavy rock song. Never heard Queen sound like this again.

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    Re: 5 Most Listened to Songs

    According to Last.fm...

    1. Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream.
    2. Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
    3. Sing For Absolution - Muse
    4. Forever And A Day - The Dissociatives, Don't Bring Me Down - ELO
    5. Strange Magic - ELO.

    Funnily, none of those are my favourite band, that title goes to Genesis

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