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Thread: 50 cent

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    Re: 50 cent

    i t was a worth less piece of garbage,and a waste of money and time. it was almost as bad as jenga for wii. did anyone see if gameinformer rated it?

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    Re: 50 cent

    Quote Originally Posted by awesomeparty12 View Post
    Did anybody even like that game i thought it sucked it didn't make any sense to me
    lol Although I totally agree that this game, as in the game play itself, was completely terrible, if the core game play element had to stand on its own, without the backing and support of 50 cent, this game would have never made a single sell....

    but there are some things (although not much lol) to like here, such as, the overall persentation the game brings with regards to the amount of 50 cent and g-unit content you are able to unlock.

    So the game could be compelling to fans of 50 cent or g-unit...not saying all.
    But non fans are focused on core game play, and they are the ones who are going to be pissed about the game.

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