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Thread: 72 Hours Remain

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    Re: 72 Hours Remain

    Quote Originally Posted by eleonne View Post
    Interesting concept, Artistic Anarchy. The filming was nice, and I did love that you thought of War of the Worlds being narrated as the background. It kind of made me curious as to how the coming "end of the world" would be depicted in this.

    I've never heard of Parkour before this, but now that you mentioned it, it does sound like a lot of fun ^^v I love running, but... I don't indulge in the activity as it causes facial wrinkles (well, except when I'm running late, that is XD)

    That seemed like a very high jump O_O
    That's kind of you to think, miss. Your curiosity may be satiated if you tune into my channel ----> LIVE TO BE HEARD. - YouTube on December 18th through the 21st to learn how the supposed final days on Earth may be lived. Parkour has been such a wondrous thing for me, keeping my body strong and my application of wit sharp and highly decisive. You should really look into it, even if you'd only like to observe from a comfortable distance. Thank you for your opinion.

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    Re: 72 Hours Remain

    Very Interesting...How did it all turn out for ya? Since we didnt die and all...but besides that the little vids were nice

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