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Thread: All-time Favourite Movie(s)

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    Re: All-time Favourite Movie(s)

    Quote Originally Posted by Lasura View Post
    The Fifth Element is the movie I've watched so many times I've even lost the count and am ready to see it again, it's really god and it'll never make me feel fed up.
    The first time I saw this movie, I swear that I was fascinated with the girl's hair color. And I think that is what made the movie stick. And the overall futuristic tone of the movie itself. I have always been interested in the though of the future of the world, and the technology that it will bring. So that was another plus the movie gave out. Oh, and let us not forget about Chris Rock, and his position at being a gay, preppy black man ~!!

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    Re: All-time Favourite Movie(s)

    Quote Originally Posted by RayMe View Post
    lol.. u got a personality of a horse
    I like the part when that fat guy tried to put a horse shoe on his leg..
    xD that was fun..

    New movies nowaday aint as fun as the old 1's... ~.~ i mean starwars.. darn that is a really good movie.. and there is no better movies than that nowadays...sigh...

    Spiderman.. 2 that was a good movie watched it many times already

    hmmmm... of that horse yes.... the temper and the personality they chose for the horse it is very very close to my personality.

    another movie that I never get tired of watching is: Spirit Away!! Dang I love that movie! I like adventure and fantasy/magic/science fiction... I have seen that movie plenty times too...
    ( I am not used to count how many times I've seen a movie)

    Fifth element is a great movie too... I wouldn't bother to watch it again...
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