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Thread: american cartoons dumber?

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    Re: american cartoons dummer?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tbaism View Post
    Anime isn't necesarrily meant for children, but teens and above. They usually involve more mature situations and complex plots that are out of reach from a child's comprehension.

    They look dumb because the two forms of entertainment are usually on a completely different level. It is pretty difficult to compare the two and/or pretty pointless to do that, since the two are kinda not created under the same circumstances.
    out of the comprehension of children huh.well i completly understand anime witch are ment for teens 16 and i must be really really smart.

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    Re: american cartoons dummer?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sakura View Post
    I think they're running out of ideas for stories and such, so what I see nowdays is them trying to be "random" in order to entertain todays young generation, since "random" is aparently cool. i.e. new simpsons compared to old. *pukes* I think there are only about one or two cartoons on cartoon network I can actually tolerate: 'the grim adventures of billy and mandy' and 'fosters home for imaginary friends'. Granted this may just have alot to do with personal taste though but I swear half of the stuff on there is just plain crap. As for nick toons, spongebob will always be a hero of mine. <3 Oh, and when me and my sister saw the new 'fantastic 4' being advertised we were like 'oh, so cartoons are anime now'. seems the traditional american cartoon style is only getting more anime influenced anyhow, possibly because anime is what's 'popular'.
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