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Thread: anybody like pokemon?

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    Re: anybody like pokemon?

    Quote Originally Posted by mint ice mage View Post
    this is zeromus

    i don't think any pokemon can beat this. it is the incarantaion of evil
    lol, incarntion of evil? that thing looks like it couldn't hurt a fly. my "big three" could still take him.

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    Re: anybody like pokemon?

    shes RIGHT there lil cute monsters with cool powers and u really cant b expected to take them seriously lol like heres a example squirtle a litle cut eblue turtuel that blows bubbles and then think of the nine tailed demon fox from naruto now thats a monster that u wont F*** with u know what i mean that is until suirt becomes blastiose then all bets are off
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    Re: anybody like pokemon?

    Quote Originally Posted by fayt lingod View Post
    can anyone here top my three insane fire types?

    100 charizard?
    100 typhlosion?
    100 blazekin?
    Lvl 100 Metagross with Earthquake, Psychic, Rock Slide and Calm Mind and with Leftovers equipped can easily take down all three of those Fire-types.
    Earthquake can take down Typhlosion because his Defense isn't exactly that high even if you max out the IVs for his Defense stat. One or two Earthquakes can take him down. Psychic can take out Blaziken since he is also a Fighting-type. A couple Calm Minds to boost Metagross's Special Attack and Special Defense will make any Flamethrowers and Fire Blasts or maybe even an Overheat prove useless against Metagross. For Charizard, Metagross can simply use Rock Slide or Psychic since Calm Mind as well as the STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) would make Psychic even stronger than it is before. Blaziken, if he hits first with a fighting attack, could take Metagross down, but it's all good. Whichever hits first would be the victor. The problem with Steel-types is that they are weak against Fighting and Fire which just makes things much more interesting.

    Fire-types are too common. They can easily be taken down with the appropriate type weaknesses. A Water-type like Swampert, Gyarados, or Milotic is also good enough to take them down.
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    Re: anybody like pokemon?

    erm, well i dont like it too too much, but my brothers do

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    Re: anybody like pokemon?

    I saw pokemon once.....out of the corner of my eye
    Then I steped on it with my EVA

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    Re: anybody like pokemon?

    Ah, I like Pokemon, both the games and the anime (I never got into the Card game...). At the moment I own Yellow, Gold, Ruby, and Leaf Green, the first movie, like a dozen taped old tapes filled with recorded episodes, and the little collectable gold cards and toys from Burger King when the first movie came out ^^; (oh and those cards you got when you went to the movies).

    You could call me the casual fan of the games, as I am not knowledgeable of all the battle mechanics and techniques and such ^.^; And also, my absolute last goal in the game is to level up Pokemon to 100 - I find catching and trading and breeding to fill the pokedex more entertaining =) I also like doing the contests. I don't really go looking for shinies either ^__^0

    Like I said in the other Pokemon thread, I'm not sure which I'll choose out of Diamond and Pearl, but I am really looking forwad to figuring out what the Super Contests and exploring the new underground portion ^.^

    Now for the anime ^-^ I use to watch it all the time during Indigo and Orange leagues, but I started getting a bit bored during Johto, and only watched it every blue moon. I watched the beginning of Hoenn, then every so often after that. I haven't seen Battle Frontier or Chronicles at all, and of course none of Shinou (it looks really interesting though!).

    With the anime...I feel like the quality of the episodes are slowly diminishing. Not the actual animation; that's getting better and better, but all the repetition and the lack of the little details and side stories, as well as less character developement... I think if they brought some of that back I'd enjoy the episodes a bit more ^_^0
    The dub was one I enjoyed, and it's disappointing all the VAs had to be replaced. I hope the new cast improves or some resolutions can be made and some or all the old VAs could come back (though the latter seems quite unlikely).

    Quote Originally Posted by princesslady
    pokemon needs to stop in my opinon. it is so stupid and ash voice sounds like he smoked crack for years. and what mom would let there son travel the world alone with 2 GUYS AND 1 GIRL!!! HMMMM?
    The same kind of mom who would let their child go out and travel alone I think it's even better to travel in a group, especially since the whole world is simply obsessed with Pokemon anyway (heh, in the games I wonder how your trainer survives - they've got all kinds of stores and items and places for the Pokemon, but hardly anything for the people =D).
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    Re: anybody like pokemon? long has it been now? Over a decade right? Yet I still get the games.

    The Pokemon games are quite entertaining. Gives you a decent amount of gameplay hours, lots of party variations, and the occasional mini-games, events. Sure the story is all the same, catch all the Pokemon and become the Master, so what?

    As of right now I own Red, Ruby, Fire Red, and Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team. Yeah, I'm obsessed with the color Red. LOLz. I've also played Gold (It was my sister's)

    Both in Red and Fire Red I've cuaght all 151 Pokemon for the Kanto region and as for the Complete I have 242...still have another 160 to catch.^^;

    The anime....I stopped watching it basically after I moved here to the US. I just grew out of the anime...I might watch it when I'm bored but thats about it. The anime never really kept me hooked to it.
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    Re: anybody like pokemon?

    had one of the games when i was in the army. good game. helped to get my mind off the people dying.

    pikachu is cute and i like em.

    you gotta problem with dat bub?

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