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Thread: Is anyone else tired of this?

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    Re: Is anyone else tired of this?

    COHEED & CAMBRIA. good guiter and a vocalist (male) who can hit the high notes like a chick, it doesn't matter if you are a guy or lady, if you can't rock it, then get the @#%$ out of the kitchen. just listen to the song Welcome Home from this band and you will see why I like this band, people might call them an emo band, but to me they are definately a hard rock band. I have seen these guys live at the warp tour and they can rock, I mean the little groupies from yellowcard ran to their stage as soon as they heard the one note from welcome home, while they were still playing. but I know what you are saying about these songs sounding the same, because it is about staying with the formula and what sell in the music industry, so if a band has a certain sound then they will milk that sound til death, that is why these bands almost sound the same, like linkin park, they had their own style of music and then their latest album sounded the same as the other bands out their and I disliked this band after hearing this album, this is what I am tired of, bands that change who they are just to sell more albums.
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    Re: Is anyone else tired of this?

    Quote Originally Posted by NeoDeath90 View Post
    If you want an excellent female singer, look up Nightwish from about 1999-2004. Tarja Turunen was an amazing vocalist, as she had a very haunting operatic voice. I suggest the song "Sacrament of Wilderness" to get you going, as it really displays what she can do as well as what the keyboardist has in the way of orchestral sounds.

    lol, this is what i'm saying. i love Nightwish.but i want some great guitar!
    Within Temptation and Nightwish has amazing vocals, keyboards, piano, orchestra, etc..but where's the guitar? this is another reason why bands with males sadly get more recognition, and are more popular with musicians, they have guitar. with these bands its the same rythmn over and over. i dont know why they dont get a good guitarist.do they think it would 'shadow' the vocals more?

    so far i found Dream Theater, and they have a good male singer, and good guitar. but what about a female singer with good guitar?
    and i'm checking out COHEED & CAMBRIA on Youtube,,,so far they seem pretty cool.
    i like MCR, but i didn't really like the Black Parade as much as their older stuff. 'Helena' and 'Mama; are my favorites from the BP

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    Re: Is anyone else tired of this?

    i agree.female singers r very unappreciated.especially for the rock genre.its probably because its mostly guys who listen to rock and they are sexist bastards.

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    Re: Is anyone else tired of this?

    I like Kamelot, they're kinda in the epic/symphonic metal genre, and their singer is male. Ghost Opera and The Human Stain are a couple of Kamelot's good numbers. I personally like to have a few female singers in metal/alternative genre, because their voices are refreshing, but I agree, their instrumentals are not always the most refreshing. Then again, there are plenty of male singing rock groups whose sound isn't refreshing either, don't think I'm singling out the lady singing bands here. That's why I'm always trying to look for different bands to listen to; keep things mixed up.

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    Re: Is anyone else tired of this?

    SO Emo you are tired??
    TRY this one song[its a good one though its a sad one to]
    YouTube - Shinkai no Kodoku - Gundam Seed Destiny
    and this one is good to...
    YouTube - 暁のè»*(akatsuki no kuruma)/gundam seed
    You gonna here this cause its pue awesomenes^_ _^
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