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Thread: Ar Tonelico OST + Extras

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    Ar Tonelico OST + Extras

    I did not expect this much from such a shady looking game.

    I got a copy from a friend who bought the premium bundle (art book with OST) and the music brings back the feel of Yasunori Mitsuda's work in Xenogears. Something i've really missed. What really hits me are the vocals by Akiko Shikata. Almost an Enya feel to it, not enough tracks featuring her on the ost though.. So i did some searching and found that ontop of her own album released earlier this year, there are 2 extra CDs featuring either songs from the game or songs inspired from.

    Hoshiyomi-Ar_tonelico hymmnos concert Side Ao

    Tsukikanade - Ar_tonelico hymmnos concert Side Kurenai

    Has anyone heard the OST/Extra discs? Or even played the game and liked the music enough to talk about it?

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    Re: Ar Tonelico OST + Extras

    ..."shady" looking!? What makes you say that!? Coming from N1/NIS(Nippon Ichi Software) you KNOW its good!! ^^

    Ar Tonelico was a really balanced game overall. To begin, the graphics are great. Even to this day their work is still primarily done in 2D and still holds its own against the games with 3D graphics. Than the actual game play is unique and fun too. The Reyvatiel's unique battle system made battles everything from a breeze to an intense all out battle. Than the story...the main plot itself is fantastic and to add theres 7 possible endings (or so I hear...I've only gotten 4 so far) Gives it great replay value. Even if you made separate files at the story splitting points you need to play through quite a bit of it to get to the end (As of now I'm trying to finish Lady Shurelia's story). Than theres the "Dive" into the Reyvatiel's Cosmosphere. Its like a dating SIM in an epic RPG!!

    Now we get to the main point, the music!! Its just not the BGMs, the music has its own part in the game!!...rather I mean the "songs". Song crafting = FUN. All the songs and BGMs well composed very well and did a great job of setting the mood for the events.

    ...unfortunately I missed out on the CDs. I dont remember if they were only available in the Japan release or through the pre-order at NIS' website...I only pre-ordered through the store so...atleast I got the artbook. The BGMs and songs were available in the games "Extras" after the first game clear so that was nice.^^; My personal fav was the ED song sung by Lady Shurelia.
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