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Thread: Which asian is cuter?

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    Which asian is cuter?

    Which one of these hot studs are hotter: DBSK, Super JR., Eru, or Gacket?

    In the industy Gacket has more experience and can be hot or not when he wants too, but the Super JR. has 13 member but yet all of them aren't cute, Eru is cute in my opinon, but then DBSK takes the cake.....

    Can you please tell and explain who is more attractive to you?
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    Re: Which asian is cuter?

    Correction: Its Gackt~

    I think DBSK is hot, and I find 2 people in Super Junior Nice looking too.

    As for Gackt, he has a sexy voice, and so does Micky from DBSK~

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    Re: Which asian is cuter?

    Hardly a topic fit for the sensory pleasures area.

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