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Thread: Australia (2008 film)

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    Re: Australia (2008 film)

    I'm an Australian... and haven't seen it yet *hides*

    lol I'm just not into those sort of films really. It's one of those movies I'll wait until the DVD comes out. Didn't really like Moulin Rouge, so don't really know if I'll like this one, but I won't judge till I see it! Don't mind watching Hugh Jackman though xD

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    Re: Australia (2008 film)

    =O You ought to be ashamed of yourself!

    Haha jokes jokes, a lot of my friends haven't seen it either, and I don't think they plan to. They're like, "Eww, I don't wanna see a film on Australia."

    How ironic. They freaking live in the country, but anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by _gwenibe_ View Post
    Don't mind watching Hugh Jackman though xD
    Oh heck yes. I'd pay another $10 to see that famed water scene in HD again. xD

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