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Thread: Beatles Rockband!!!

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    Talking Beatles Rockband!!!

    Holy Crap!
    Holy Crap!
    Holy Crap!
    They are coming out with a Beatles Rockband. It's amazing. The Beatles are my favorite band of all time. Usually, Rockband and Guitar Hero games suck, in my eyes. The first Guitar Hero was pretty cool. It was a new idea and could be fun, but they came out with like another 20 versions that are all pretty much the same. You sit there hitting buttons while struming a fake guitar. The guitar makes so much noise, you cant even here the song. The only things that changed were the songs and people. rock Band was more of they just made Guitar Hero bigger and twice as expensive.
    But Now they have Beatles Rockband! I shall get this and I will learn to play it! End of Post! Put in your own posts! Seriously! Stop reading this! Dude. If you are still reading this, you have no life.
    What do you see?

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    Re: Beatles Rockband!!!

    I agree the first Guitar Hero was cool but the others where lame .But me to I love The Beatles they are the greatest rock band of all time but i wonder how many songs they are going to have and which ones.Which ones do you think are going to be on or you hope will be on. I hope that they will
    have alot of white ablum songs (my favorite ablum).

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