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Thread: A Beautiful Mind

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    A Beautiful Mind

    This was a movie that was in 2001 (was sure it was not that old) starring Russell Crowe the same game from The Gladiators. Got a chance to saw this movie last night on some channel and was wondering if anyone else here have seen the movie. The channel summary gave the movie a 4-star rating, and while I agree it was a great film I'm not so sure it warranted 4 stars.

    Basically this movie is about John Nash (Crowe) who was a very very smart mathematicians. We see him at Princeton trying to come up with an original idea for a paper. The movie continues on years later and supposedly he was approached by the government to do cryptography to figure out where a stolen portable bomb was located. The plot isn't as dull and simple as I explained it but I would give away the storyline if I were to give any more details...

    A Beautiful Mind (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Great acting, especially Crowe and his mannerisms (the twitching, being introverted, etc.) Check out the movie if you have time to waste.

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    Re: A Beautiful Mind

    Well, I've seen this movie too and kinda share your opinion on it. It is a good movie to watch but not really all that. It does come closer to good movies like 'Requiem for a dream', 'Crash' and 'Lost In Translation' when it comes to drama. But those movies I just mentioned are way better if you ask me

    Also, I really think that crowe is a good actor, though the way Jennifer Connely acts is much better. She is really talented which is why I'd recommend you to watch Requiem For A Dream, that movie really makes you feel a whole lot of things. So if you haven't seen it, please do!

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    Re: A Beautiful Mind

    That's one of my favs films, Russell Crowe was great in it, the charecter is wondeful both of them, A scrizofenia/inteligent guy in this word is a danger...

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    Re: A Beautiful Mind

    I have seen this movie maybe around 30 times and I still manage to cry every time....
    Russel Crowe is an amazing actor....I mean I am speechless when he acts because he is so good.....he really got into the character of Nash......and he was able to portray his image to excellence......
    just a superb movie!!!!

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