View Poll Results: Best Video Game Company?

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  • Square-Enix/Squaresoft/Square

    19 34.55%
  • Nintendo

    15 27.27%
  • Capcom

    2 3.64%
  • Rockstar

    3 5.45%
  • Atlus

    2 3.64%
  • NIS

    1 1.82%
  • Bungie

    3 5.45%
  • Sega

    1 1.82%
  • A Company Not Mentioned

    7 12.73%
  • A Dead Company

    2 3.64%
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Thread: Best Video Game Company?

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    Re: Best Video Game Company?

    Quote Originally Posted by Silvertoekee View Post
    Ooo didn't know they went through so many name changes. Did another company buy them or did they just want a name change?
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    Re: Best Video Game Company?

    Nintendo no doubt in my mind. all there games are great and they don't even have any crappy games.they make sure that every game they make or produce is of the best and they make sure is has to be a hit game. i think they are a good company and they know video games.
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    Re: Best Video Game Company?

    My only vote or idea is sqeare enix/squaresoft well because it is really admirable and also has the best sfx/game images and as well the suspension that it have during the past several years and as well i am well interested into those type of games that are with action/shooters and as well terror one like Dino Crisis which was really long time ago but still i like the themes that they use well founded on these types of ideas.

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