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Thread: bobobo bobo bo

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    of the AMC Innerhell may be famous one day Innerhell may be famous one day Innerhell's Avatar
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    Re: bobobo bobo bo

    it is not because of the dub
    even if it was in Japanese, these people would still find it stupid
    most Americans (and Westerners) will not understand the inside jokes based on Japanese culture
    it's like South Park's unpopularity in Japan
    they don't understand what life is like here in America
    they don't understand the concept of hobos, fat racist pigs, rednecks, and the senseless murder of a 10-year-old (woo... Kenny)
    it's just culture shock
    people cannot fully comprehend the inside jokes in Bobo-bo Bo-bobobo thus they decide it is stupid
    if it was cute like Azumanga Daioh, then they would simply ignore the jokes about life in Japan and just laugh at the crazy cute antics of underage Japanese schoolgirls
    Bobo-bo Bo-bobobo, on the other hand, is lacking in the cute factor and is usually filled with weirdness and randomness

    I don't want to come off as rude or anything, but you people are ignorant and bias
    if you don't like a show, give a much better explanantion as to why you dislike it instead of bitching that it's "gay" and "stupid"
    better yet, just block the show's existence from your mind and your perception of reality
    find something else to do in the 30 minutes that it is on
    I don't know...
    maybe I'm tired of hearing people bitch about a show that doesn't really receive any love at all
    just love from schizophrenic insomniacs that find humor in random things such as myself and the young ones
    yay... I'm on the side of the underdog
    go! underdogs! woo...

    I apologize if I offend anyone...
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    I love my girlfriend.

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    Otaku karinka may be famous one day karinka may be famous one day karinka's Avatar
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    Re: bobobo bobo bo

    It's a point less show and sometimes it's just plain wrong.

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    Newbie Dead Reckoning may be famous one day Dead Reckoning may be famous one day Dead Reckoning's Avatar
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    Re: bobobo bobo bo

    Quote Originally Posted by Innerhell
    I must be the only one here that actually sits down and tries to enjoy this show
    then again, I grew up watching Beavis & Butthead, South Park and other "stupid" shows
    so.. I suppose I'm immune to all the retardation

    Ok Beavis and Butthead is funny, Shouth Park is REALLY funny, but this show...................its so stupid. By the way, i think they get the script from some guy locked in a white padded room.

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    Dear Prudence JustLoseIt may be famous one day JustLoseIt may be famous one day JustLoseIt's Avatar
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    Re: bobobo bobo bo

    I havn't sat down and Watched it really...I tried to once.....Wasn't a good movie was on another Channel^^

    Beavis and Butthead Rock out loud. And South Park is hilarious but sooo bad.
    I love it though.

    Thanks Pyroo. :]

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    Warrior Monk kedar may be famous one day kedar may be famous one day kedar's Avatar
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    Re: bobobo bobo bo

    Quote Originally Posted by Shinku no kage
    Aw..c'mon guys you hate cuz you watched it dubbed. None of the jokes make sense cuz itz dubbed. If you watched it in Japanese it'd be really fun.

    BTW: IF you have watched it in Japanese and you still hate it then its ok.
    Ah? I watched it in Japanese along with my sister, and some of the jokes they had in there are highly retarded, though I do admit that some of them cracked me up a bit. There is a lot of physical comedy in that show, and the randomness makes it even more hilarious like the scene, where they the opening of theater curtains, and they depict some supremely pointless life moments of BoBo Bo. I admit, it can be funny and entertaining at times, but I don't call that as pure comedy. Kinda like that movie Kung-fu Hustle, which, in my opinion is a comedy, but kinda stupid in ways.

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