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Thread: Breath of Fire VS. Wild Arms

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    Question Breath of Fire VS. Wild Arms

    Hello again everyone.This is a discussion about the Playstation and for PS2 on the game of Breath of Fire & Wild Arms.I just want to know if anyone has heard of any of the games.Breath of Fire has 4 CDs or you know how it works and Wild Arms has 3.Breath of Fire is a game based on Dragons as you can tell from the name "Breath of Fire" >.< and Wild Arms is taken in a way of western style RPG their both RPG games so yeah.For Breath of Fire your main character is a young dragon boy found naked from a crash site named Ryu and your main character from Wild Arms for the 2nd one is Ashley Winchester and the 3rd one is a choice! 1.Jet,a swordsman i believe 2.Virginia,a guns person and this 3rd guy whos a sniper really good! But anyways its like FF7 some bad dude and his lackey trying to take over the world and such not.If anyone knows of this game please help me explian whats it about in details..
    I havent played in soooooo long I apologize^_^;

    1 Question:
    Which one is your favorite and why and favorite character...

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    Re: Breath of Fire VS. Wild Arms

    If you want the reason why it's closed, read the AO rules.

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