Everyone on this forum has at one time seen or knows the name "Vampire Hunter D" Well D was actually based on an old movie called Captain Kronos. The author finally admitted this in Pilgrimage of the Sacred And Profane. I had thought as much but couldn't be sure.

Captain Kronos is one of many Hammerstein studios vampire movies. It takes place in Europe, and it is implied France by the courtesy titles used. While the affects are outdated and the acting is typical of the Peter Cushing monotone the sword fighting sequences are very good save for a scene on a hill. Captain Kronos may actually be the first instance of a Dhamphir in cinema, Captain Kronos have been biten by a vampire but somehow strong enough to fight it. This explains why he is the only mortal that can take on the undead in physical combat, though these undead Aren't to strong.

This movie also introduces different type of Vampires besides those who just drain blood. So it has many cinematic first or certainly earliest of many cliches.

Only get this movie if you are an avid fan of Vampire Hunter D, or vampire movies, elsewise you probably will not enjoy it terribly much.