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Thread: Cartoon Network has gone Downhill II

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    Re: Cartoon Network has gone Downhill II

    Some shows on other channels are starting to bother me. We will start off with the Disney produced channels (Disney Channel and DisneyXD) None of their shows have Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, or Goofy in them. They have Hannah Montanna, Suite Life :insert rest of name here:, and Cory In The House. Suite Life is kinda funny sometimes, Cory ITH doesnt make any sense and HM, there are no words to describe my hatred of that show. DisneyXD is always showing Aaron Stone and movies. Im happy theyre showing older TV shows like Spider-Man and X-Men Evolution, but all of the other great shows they have (Batman, Superman, X-Men) are only on at like 2 in the morning. Then they take them off because no one watchs them. Nick is only Spongebob. And not even the good Spongebobs. All they show are the new, and somewhat disturbing, ones.

    To get back on topic, Cartoon Network really needs to either shut itself off or bring back the good shows.
    What do you see?

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    Re: Cartoon Network has gone Downhill II

    Quote Originally Posted by Splyker View Post
    To get back on topic, Cartoon Network really needs to either shut itself off or bring back the good shows.
    Yeah like toonami. That was golden. Which is probably why they still show Cowboy Bebop. They know it never got any better after toonami. And they needd to stop the live action stuff. Does anyone remember "Wait Till Your Father Gets Home."

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    Talking Re: Cartoon Network has gone Downhill II

    Cartoon network should really take a look at itself and clean up. one The Name "Cartoon network" What does that say about the network, it says or suggest the Idea. that it will only show cartoons. not this "CN REAL" Carp.

    I mean is you tube not enough for these kids, that they have to take over a network with detestable shows such as CN real wednesdays as well?

    Second point
    Anime and other cartoons

    Before toonami Cartoon network would show Cartoons like top cat and tom and jerry the shows that you now see on Broomerag which is cool, infact I still watch Boomerag..

    Matter of fact "CN" was one of the highiest rated network even before toonami, Then Anime was born on cartoon network on March 17, 1997.

    But I asked you would we have become aware of anime, if it were not for toonami? my answer is no, anime would still be underground and not mainstream.

    Why is when you say the word Anime to some networks they slam the door in your face? and that i see that [Adultswim} is trying to get rid of anime all together by show more Comedy . I have done the math and Cartoon network
    is down to fifteen hours of anime, and that is counting {AS Anime}

    You have Bakugan 30 mins X 6 days a week= 3 hours
    then you have Poke'mon 30 mins x 7 days = 3 hours 30 mins
    then you have Yu-GI-oh 5D's at 1 hour on monday and wendesdays, then 30 mins on friday & saturday's = 3 hours

    and at in the {Adultswim} anime saturdays nights and that is from 12:30 to 6am sunday morning (Starwars does not count) which comics out be 5 hours & 30 mins

    3x3=9, 9 +5= 14 and then add in 30 mins X2 = 1 hour =15 hours..

    3. Taking action
    I think that Cartoon network should be split up in to thier own channels

    1 give {AS} it own channel show {AS} can show all the comedy it wants, but give Toonami the Anime line up

    2 Give toonami it's own channel with Action cartoon's during the day say 8am to 4pm then anime the rest of the time, and show the {AS} line up after 12am. with all tom hosting different shifts. and Sarah and , Moltar handling the line up and taking emails and fourms request.

    3. Make A CN channel that only shows Made for that network Cartoon network Originals show with CN real and show's like ed edd eddy.

    4 keep Broomerang the way it is for now..

    what do you think.?

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    Re: Cartoon Network has gone Downhill II

    Omg, i think if cartoon network just wound the clock back ten years, they'd have the most veiws theyve ever experienced. Toonami and the original or even 2nd tom and the shows they put on there were genius. And all the cartoons such as dexters lab and especially ed edd and eddy would be hugely popular today. I just dont see why they would try to fix a channel that isnt broke and change it into the useless stuff shown today. At least adult swim is still there, although even that has lost some of its quality.

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