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Thread: Castlevania Film

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    Castlevania Film

    Now, I known about this for quite some time, and after searching the forum the most I've seen on topic to this was "Game to Movie" but ehh.

    Anywho, they did have a plan to make a CAstlevania movie but in December 2007 it was halted due to teh writers strike, howwever they do plan on opening it back up for production (Of course if anyone has different ifo tell me, I'm relying on what I got up from news on this.). Still, if they DO bring it back, what are your views on it?

    Me, now I am an average obsessed lover of Castelvania, the game series is simply amazing to me, though seemingly repedative on some cases it's still wonderful I'd say. And of courseSymphony of the Night was my favorite. Anywho on to the movie, it's said it's director is to be Paul W. S. Anderson, the guy who made AVP, House of the Dead, Mario Bros, and all of those other HORRIBLE game movies (Except for Mortal kombat, though it did still suck, it was something to wach and somewhat actually entertaining). So really i'd say the movie DOES have potentil only the director/producer is going to literally make it suck. Few of my friends agree, still, just curious to your views.

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    Re: Castlevania Film

    This is the first ive heard of it but below is a link to imdb for anyone else to take a peak. Castlevania (2009)
    all i can say is that after reading the plot summary and seeing that its based on the first game, i hope they dont screw it up.

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