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Thread: The Chaser's War on Everything

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    The Chaser's War on Everything

    i was just wondering if anyone has heard of the TV comedy show called "The Chaser's war on everything"? especially after the APEC stunt they pulled.
    i was just curious to know whether they made international news headlines, and if anyone payed attention. i can guess that most people don't know of this show, since i know there isn't a lot of people here based in Australia and all.

    but if you have heard of this show, honestly what do u think of it?.

    do u think sometimes they go to far? even if it's to make a point?

    or do u think highlighting daily issues within our world with no discretion is bloody awesome?

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    Re: The Chaser's War on Everything

    yeah i saw the news about this show on the apec thing and sometime they do go too far and can be in deep crap for doing what they are doing but other times its kind of funny like for ads such as the moove ad but there should be a limit on what they can do and what they cant do

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    Re: The Chaser's War on Everything

    I love it, and the APEC stunt was brilliant. I can't believe that the police actually let them through. So much for the great wall of Sydney XD. I think the world is just lucky that it was the Chasers and not terrorist.

    Here's a link for those who don't know what we are talking about XD

    ABC TV: The Chaser's War on Everything

    The APEC stunt should be on the home page.

    Do they go to far? I really don't think so, purely because it's just typical humour. I just love how they poke fun at everything, especially at our Aussie politians (Stairway to Kevin? XD). Plus, if there is anyone to blame, blame the police who let them through in the first place. As I said above, lucky it was the chasers and not any one else.

    To me, all they were doing was poking fun at the secruity (Lack of?) and the paranoia around it.

    But I am also curious to know what overseas think of his Aussie humour, especially with this APEC stunt.

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