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Thread: Chasers War on everything

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    Chasers War on everything

    In my country wwe have our own funny comedy group called chasers
    And they run a show called Chasers war in everything
    It so funny.lolz
    Anywayz I think they went global when they did the A.P.E.C thing heres a linkYouTube - Chaser - APEC Security
    And I was wondering if anyone likes this show
    i think it hilarious
    Finally me in australia can watch something thats in front of the us

    great sig by Lasura thanks heaps

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    Re: Chasers War on everything

    I love it also! It was funny that the Australian government was quick to ban repeat protesters from coming to Sydney, yet they didn't to anything about the chasers. You'd have to be stupid to think that they wouldn't do anything. And didn't they put on a show xD.

    Other than that incident, I also love how they poke fun at all things Australian, especially our politicians.

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