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Thread: children shows

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    Re: children shows

    Quote Originally Posted by Aiora View Post
    ok am i the only one who notices, but all kids shows.....r on crack......Blues Clues is, that Steve guy saying he is just like u (to the lil kids) but hes like 40...ew.....and the dog is blue.......and objects speak to him....
    any other shows u can think of..o.O?
    yeah and did u also know that blue is a girl and that magenta is a boy OMFG how messed up are all the kinds going to be in the future if they keep watching this kind of junk.
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    Re: children shows

    Quote Originally Posted by Kasai View Post
    The Wiggles seems as if the Australians are out to brainwash the kids. I never liked the show and they repeat the same bloody songs. I dont see the point to the Wiggles.
    It is because kids learn best through repetition. My kids love them between the ages of 3 and 6. They have really good stuff for kids. Good messages and fun get up and dance songs for the kids.

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    Re: children shows

    To be honest I like Blues clues, well I liked the first ones. I haven't seen the new ones.

    I was more of a "Fraggle rocks" kid, and "Mr. Rogers", "Muppets", and "Over raindow"~

    [Old, like 6 i moved on to]

    Pinky and Brain, and Animataics (sp) Two stupid dogs, and Rin and Stimpy.

    I think Dora and Bob the builder are great for kids now these days, but I believe "hi 5" on discovery kids and betterfor kids.
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    Re: children shows

    Kids shows stimulate the children's mind to enhance their learning experience but I do think that those shows are weird maybe because we are to old to be watching them now? >_>


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    Re: children shows

    I remember that i used to watch them when i was younger but now its like "what happened to it" or "wtf?!".

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    Re: children shows

    i agree w/ Arrianna on everything

    and on blues clues, steve left for college so he is no longer the main character in Blues clues...his brother/ cousin is!

    to be honest i think none of the little kids shows are so called "cracked" or some non-sense negative point.

    you may think Barney is "gay" but you didn't think so when you were little!

    it may appeal this to you, but havnt' you ever occured that maybe what you think about negative things about the little kids shows that you think your "older" than the some of its stuff?

    maybe you secretly like the shows but dont have the spirit to say you do!

    meh :/ its just my opioin

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    Re: children shows

    There are always television shows that seem wacked out, but they stimulate a kids brain. Of course, the better ones are the ones that try and teach kids, rather than just being wacky. But childrens shows need to be somewhat wacky, or else kids can lose interest.

    Even though Mr. Rogers was a formal show, it did have elements to appeal to kids, rather than some guy just taking his coat and shoes off and singing about being his neighbour. They had puppets in that magical kingdom place, which would help keep kids' attention.

    Watching old episodes of sesame street is kind of weird, because you can see how it was influenced by the culture of the 70's and 80's, so some of the stuff is a bit weird. One of the cartoons they played that has always stuck in my head is of some girl flying in the sky, and I believe the song "Gloria" was playing (I remember the song name, but did a search for the singer, who was Laura Branigan). Funny how stuff like that sticks with ya?

    However, there are a couple shows I've seen which make absolutely no sense. There's one show (not sure what it's called) but there's 4 people, dressed in neon colors, and they just repeat sounds. They'll be like "the zipper on my coat goes 'sh sh sh sh sh sh sh,' while moving the zipper up and down. They then repeat that, then ask everyone else to repeat it. Then some other person comes up and does a different sound. All 4 of them do a different sound, then they do a repeat of ALL the sounds, and that's it.

    Like....was that supposed to teach the kid something?

    Seriously, Reading Rainbow was kick ass. That show had everything. It promoted extreme reading, it had clips on wildlife and anythign else under the sun, it had cartoons, and most importantly it had Geordi LaForge....but you don't have to take my word for it.

    But since kids are now more accustomed to seeing media, and all that stuff, tv shows have to keep one-upping themselves to keep kids interested. That's why there are some shows that are 'weird.' It's because they need to be to keep the kids attention.

    Think of it this way.....if you sat back and watched a black and white film from the 20's, 30's, you probably wouldn't find it all exciting, because we're used to hollywood explosions, hot babes showing skin, and lots of action. Same goes for childrens tv shows. They grow accustomed to the media, so interest starts to fade, so shows become more wacky to compete against that.

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    Re: children shows

    Yea.......I can remember the reading rainbow and Mr. Rogers.
    But what the hell is teletubbies?......
    That made me wonder....
    When I saw the show with my kid cousin.....
    It scared the bejesus out of me. I dont know.

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