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Thread: City of Villains - The MMORPG

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    City of Villains - The MMORPG

    Does anyone else MMO on this RPG?

    if not... HOW COME? IT'S SO COOL!!!

    Allow me to explain, if you will...
    (in no particular order)

    1. One of the most customizable out there! Create your character down to the slightest detail! mecha? spandex? cute? asian? army? gay? Any style in any color! Awesome!

    2. More hands on than most MMOs! Manually lock on to any enemy! control every move! you want a super punch followed by little ones? You got it! wanna sport a little ninja? Go get em, tiger! you want an all out attack? Make it happen buddy!

    3. Expansive areas for you to rampage! bash on snakes, mob men, magic dudes, mideval people and even better... OTHER PLAYERS! THAT'S RIGHT! PvP against other players EVEN SUPER HEREOS (from the prequil City of Heroes, same pretence... only moral)!!!!

    4. Join up with your fellow villains to for a team! sweep the streets of all who oppose or take an missions as an undiniable force of evil! want a more permanent group? then join a super group! and then you can...

    5. MAKE YOUR OWN EVIL BASE FOR YOU AND YOUR SUPERGROUP!!! THAT'S RIGHT! MAKE THE TRUE EVIL LAIR YOU'VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF! again, customizable to a t! with exectutive chairs, cool TVs, machines that make you awesome! anything you want! ... you just have to pay for it!

    At about $20 at your local game/computer store, that's pretty good! there's a HUGE number of other things, but i thought that those were the selling points...

    Cons? hmmm..

    !. gotta pay up buddy! $15 subscription fee with a credit cards. For you who don't got the plastic, you can buy a 2-month long time card for $29.99...

    @. leveling up can take a LONG time... especially if you're certain classes...

    #. sometimes you get jealous of other people's powers... of course, you could just make another character! with access to about 8 servers and about 8 slots per server, you can try just about any combonation! Awesome! ... (okay, so it's a pron... mix of pro and con)

    $. it's gets lonely if you have no friends there... T_T

    that's all i can think of at the moment! and it's newbie friendly! you can email the support team at any time and they email you back telling you how they fixed the problem! and if you ask how to do something, people will most likely answer you!

    Have fun!

    p.s.: Have a cool name... it's helps! no "secret ninja naruto aesome12321"... then no one likes you...
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    Re: City of Villains - The MMORPG

    i was playing this in novmber and found to be alot of fun. but it took me 3 hours to go from lvl 11 to 12 and i didnt die and i thought that was to long. but it is among the most fun i have played and u almost never see someone who looks like ur char. plus the powers are awsome i will be going back to this game as soon as im not burnt out on mmos.
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