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Thread: Classic Cartoons

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    Re: Classic Cartoons

    God Im big Tom And Jerry fan!! I have a big VHS collection from T&J
    Speedy Gonzalez!*love* so cool I was so crazy when I watched this cartoon coz I was so fast, Great old time!!

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    Re: Classic Cartoons

    I'm not really sure if anyone remembers it, but the Beetlejuice cartoon was a favorite of mine. I just love how goofy he is and how tolerant Lidya was of his pranks. I also like Tom and Jerry and Loony Toons. Why do people not enjoy the violance any more? That is what made those two so wonderful for me.

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    Re: Classic Cartoons

    Hah,well I liked Tom & Jerry too because I simply loved how goofy it was and how it never got old watching them both fight[The cat and mouse that is.] and I still love the show.

    As well as Courage The Cowardly Dog for the same reason but mainly for it's music and corky characters,Bugs Bunny is also funny and I still like to watch that funny bunny for the same reason as Tom & Jerry.-^__^-

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    Re: Classic Cartoons

    i watch:
    1. Tom And Jerry i love this cartoon very much but sometimes i feel bad for Tom (poor Tom)
    2. Winnie The Pooh i love Winnie very very much and i have put his picture on the wall of my room .... he is so cut and funny i love him .... =^_^=
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    Re: Classic Cartoons

    I was a huge Looney Toons fan.
    One of my other favorite cartoons was the BeetleJuice cartoon because I liked the movie so much, I got into the cartoon and I was uber upset when they took it off the air.
    Let's see I used to love Barney the bear, my mom said I would watch the show and fall out in the floor laughing because the bear stepped on a landmine or something of the sort lol.

    Those were two of the main cartoons that I watched as a child, not sure if you could call them classics though.
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    Re: Classic Cartoons

    I've gotta go with Tom & Jerry.
    They seriously brought the best out of cartoon violence xD
    And since it was made back when it isn't censored...just yeah.
    I love watching it to this day. It's still as funny as it was back then.
    I mean, of course, the olden day ones.
    The new ones that look more....new....that's not very good.
    Only the old ones.
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    Re: Classic Cartoons

    Now for me i wouldn't class Tom and Jerry as a classic. Yes it's rather old, maybe even more so than many other cartoons but i don't think it deserves the role of classical. I see that show on everywhere as well as scooby-doo but scooby-doo is such a legendary programme i cannot say it's not classical. My favourites are: LooneyToons, Wackey Races, Scooby-doo and Tom and Jerry. LooneyToons is great and it always has my favourite charcaters, when i was a child i always used to love it sitting in front of my T.V watching Cartoon Network, until they changed it to Sky! But then we got sky, but it didn't seem the same. It was good but i had moved on a left LooneyToons behind. However Wackey Races was such a brilliant channel, it was amazingly funny and i could never stop watching it, even my dad and brother liked it and still do as do I. My only problem was that when it was on T.V regularly it was always to late for me to actually watch the damn programme! It was always on air between 9:00 to i think either 9:30 or 10:00 at night. So as a youngster i always had to go to bed at 9:00 so i would try and catch the first 5 minutes of the programme then wander to bed. Now that i am older and can go to bed after the programme has finished, it's never on anymore, they've moved on to rubbish programme like Ben10 and all that other rubbish. Now Scooby-Doo has moved on and i belive has really increased it's brilliance, when i was little i didn't like it as much as i did a year ago. They have made movies out of the cartoon which i really love, they are excellent. Also they have made cartoon "Short" Movies out of Scooby-Doo. My favourite is Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island. Or something along those lines. It's seriously is amazing and is probably my second favourite after Wackey Races. Ok now Tom and Jerry, this programme i used to hate, really really badley. It was so rubbish but now that they have improved it all it is really really brilliant . I can't really describe Tom and Jerry, it's just good in it's own way. I could never get bored of it but i treat the programme as a "Last Resort" if nothing else is on T.V. However i am afraid to say my Cartoon fun days are over, i am more the music channele, Dave channele and MTV Channeleist sort of guy. However when no one is looking what the hell lets watch them cartoons

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    Re: Classic Cartoons

    I used to watch looney tunes all the time! I like old cartoons,but not all super old ones. I still watch Scooby doo sometimes on Boomerang.

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