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Thread: Classic Cartoons

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    Re: Classic Cartoons

    Well my favorite no question about it is Looney Tunes its a fun and good show i love how bugs bunny is smart and the duck alwasy goes up agaisnt him even though bugs bunny alwasy wins favorite thing is when they are saying duck season rabbit season to elmer fud funny.

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    Re: Classic Cartoons

    Looney Tunes all the way man, cuz of my dudes Bugs and Daffy! nobody ever shows the D-man n e luv lol. but man my favourite episode was when Daffy was in a cartoon but the creator kept changin and erasing things trying to sabotage the duck, and it turns out the creator was Bugs! LMAO!

    I hated Tom & Jerry cuz Tom always got his arse beat by this lil mouse! its a MOUSE! why couldn't the mouse let the cat do his job and kill him? and sometomes Tom didn't even do anything to Jerry and he STILL bothered him! It made me sick! lol

    I Love The Flinstones! Like that shows was spun into the Honeymooners y'know? or maybe it was the other way around. but that show is so funny! Fred is my favourite! But he couldn't spell for crap, he'd spell "out" O.U.W.T.! LMAO! I gotta get Boomerang man cuz i'm missing the good cartoons. the only good cartoons on CN now is Billy and Mandy, My Gym Partners a Monkey....and that's it! it sucks... Johnny Bravo I think still comes on, but other than those three, the CN is fallin off.

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    Re: Classic Cartoons

    I have to say Captain Planet was a great show that most people did not have the common sence to up the information that was being place in their haeds at the age of 5.
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    Re: Classic Cartoons

    ahh i miss some of the classic, like The Cowradly Dog and scooby doo, as it was funny and it was a good show when i was younger
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    Re: Classic Cartoons

    When I was little..
    I used to LOVE watching Tom and Jerry and still do..
    they always cheer me up and I remember when i was little..I never missed one episode of the cartoon and I used to laugh so loud that the walls would shake and I would wake up the neighbors.....it always kept me entertained and I never once felt sorry for Tom because i actually loved seeing him getting hurt...that was the funniest part of the whole show.....^^
    and sometimes I also like to watch the Flinstones...but after a while...they got so boring to me.....I do not know why....but I thought that it was pretty corny after a while....lol

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    Re: Classic Cartoons

    I am surprised this one wasn't moved earlier. But this should be in the Sensory Pleasures section.



    I remember watching Noddy and his big red and yellow car. Awww shame it was banned for being racists The same goes for Tom Jerry that is banned here too because of the portrayal of the women. They were really great shows and really only for entertainment value or to help learn about something.

    I was really into Transformers as it was one of the things my older brother would let me watch as he was a bit of a control freak and still is. But Transformers were fun to watch learning about rotten decepticons (spelling) was fun just to have some cool villains for a change.
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    Re: Classic Cartoons

    I didn't like Tom and Jerry at all. Poor kitty always got blamed for following his natural self. I guess its because I am a cat lover.

    I loved Scooby Doo, I loved the mysteries and the way everything could be solved with science.

    Looney Tunes was kind of hit and miss with me, some of them were really funny and some were not.

    I used to watch My Little Pony, Care Bears and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to. They are more from the 80's but I did love them when I was a kid. I recently watched some old TMNT and My Little Pony episodes and man were they ever cheesy. Oh and I do agree that most of the cartoons on TV now are just about the characters being stupid, akward and gross.

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    Re: Classic Cartoons

    My favorite cartoons are Tom & Jerry,The Flintstones,The Jetsons,The Smurfs,and Bugs Bunny & Tweety. I got up every saturday morning as a kid and watch them cause I enjoyed it so much and still do. I guess there are some things you never outgrow especially if you're a kid at heart like I am.
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