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Thread: Commercials

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    Re: Commercials

    I like the Alltel commercial with the wizard, one time my dad was arguing with our cell
    phone company (Alltel) and he said "You know what I feel like I need right now the
    Merlin wizard right now, so that I could sick a dog on you." We may not get along but
    he can be funny at times. I also like the Caveman commercials.

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    Re: Commercials

    Commercials are good. I like the funny ones like the carlton drought beer ad. Its a big ad, very big ad, its a big ad were in, and the decor shampoo ad. its Commercials like those that are stuck in my head
    This world is corrupt
    Save tonight and fight the break of dawn
    I am so alone, I got no one to talk to, please help me

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    Re: Commercials

    What's up Stephanie, how you doin' today ?
    89 cents is what we're gonna pay
    Say hello to Bobby, he's in the back seat
    Gimme something big,
    With a bunch of beef!
    Haha, I'm always singing that song from the Taco Bell commercial. Songs work, but not always. It depends on whether they're catchy or annoying.

    Or Corny.

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    Re: Commercials

    one word


    snickers has a way of making you laugh, yet still getting the point across.

    the best one of all of these is when the 5 historical figures are in the car.

    "When i used to feast like this, i would have a troupe of minstrels to serenade me. Those were great times.

    *the Hawaiian sings Greensleeves. Everyone joins in*

    this commercial is the main reason i started learning that song.....and the reason i love snickers. yea, let's go with that.
    Why hello there!

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