Yeah... This game came out with the XBOX 360 at release, and pretty much took the cake for best game they had at that point (360's beginning lineup was rather poor, imo). Anyway...

I was just noticing that they released a PC version, and there's a downloadable demo. I hadn't actually gotten an opportunity to play the game (because I'm waiting for a Wii), so I did.

It's not bad. Certainately not for the younger crowd. I'm not a fan of FPS, but FP melee is niice, and the setting not being medieval makes it seem all that more interesting.

So meh. If you haven't played it for 360 yet, you *could* try it for PC. My main beef with it is that it's really short. (the demo is. I assume the game is too, from the length of the demo).

I got it from fileplanet, but if you aren't a subscriber it takes forever to get to the DL screen, so you could just try at their main site: