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Thread: Crappy Videogames!

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    Crappy Videogames!

    To the videogamers of animeonline,
    Ihave a little something for u.
    We can't deny that we absolutely love videogames, the thrill, the excitement, the adrenaline rush when we hack, slash and shoot the crap out of bad guys.
    When we are finished, its either our eyes feel as if it's gonna fall out our heads, or we get the classic case of carpel tunnel syndrome, whatever comes first!
    Lucky for us the good games just keep coming, whether you're the hard core gamer or the simple casual gamer, there's defineately an amazing game for you.

    But then, there are those games. The games that make you wonder if the developers ere smoking crack or are they just plain STUPID. Games that make you ask yourself, "Why the HELL am i playing this? I have better things to do with my life!"

    You see the contrast here? Games that keep you constantly at the edge of your seat, and the games that make you put down the controller a few hours
    playing the retarded piece of crap. I may not have gone through something like this but im sure you did. So tell me, what was the videogame that made you feel sickened to the stomach playing it let alone owning it?

    What was the crappiest game you ever played or saw? What was the game that made you go What the hell am i lokking at? I want to hear what you have to say...

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    Re: Crappy Videogames!

    Oh that's an easy one. I have to ay Shadow The Hedgehog. I'm a HUGE fan of the sonic games but really, none of the Sonic games have been good since Sonic Adventure 2. they need to make a part 3 'cause thats the only time Sonic games rule nowadays....

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    Re: Crappy Videogames!

    I would have to say Syberia because it was just to damn hard!
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    Re: Crappy Videogames!

    I would have to say any digimon game to date has made me sick to my stomach, and I am ashamed to say I have played and owned most of them.
    after a hour or two I just give it up as a bad habit.
    I mean really how stupid must you be to play the latest incarnation of a digimon game before you really hate the series.
    I loved the anime of it and even the movie. but the games are just utter rubbish.

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    Re: Crappy Videogames!

    I'd have to go with Katamari Damacy. It's just so...odd. I mean seriously, you roll around attaching things to a ball and it eventually grows out like 6 feet. The only good thing about that game is the soundtrack, which is mediocre at best. Just...a rather slump to the japanese games franchise for me.
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    Re: Crappy Videogames!

    ok ok...i would have to say...this game called....you know wat i don't remeber the game's name cause as soon as i got it it was so hard to play and you were time on every little thing you did i just took it back to where i got it...it was about this man who goes around playing this guitar(a guitar that can talk)...it was so stupid!!!

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    Re: Crappy Videogames!

    none of the Sonic games have been good since Sonic Adventure 2.
    Sonic Rush for the DS? I picked that up for $20 a while ago, and man, it's fun. Fast, 2D, fun action.

    Getting back on topic: Gauntlet Legends for the PS2. It's a major hack and slash that's also really easy and repetetive. Although a friend and I beat it like three times straight(It takes barely a couple hours to beat), that time and everytime I play this game I ask myself why I'm playing it. Luckily, after beating it those three times, I never played it again. I might have suffered nervous system damage had I continued that mind-numbing experience.

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    Re: Crappy Videogames!

    Pokemon Snap for the N64. I remember back in the pokemon fever days, I'd try to get every concievable pokemon game available. I look back now and have to laugh out how boring and crappy the game actually was. Another good/bad one. Clay Fighters 63 2/3 for the N64. One of the most ****ed up fighting games I've ever played, but still pretty fun. EARTHWORM JIM!!

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