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Thread: Crappy Videogames!

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    Re: Crappy Videogames!

    Quote Originally Posted by atomik_sprout View Post
    BUT IT IS SONIC ADVENTURE 3!!! Just because that's not the name doesn't mean jack! Sega said it themselves, the only reason they didn't name it SA3 was because it was Sonic's--what year was it??--like, 25th anniversary. Gotta start with the name that started it all, y'know? FYI, there is a new Sonic game for the DS releasing soon called Sonic Rush Adventure. Just to inform everyone.
    Uhh, duh, i said that. I said that i want it to continue with the name Sonic adventure 3. you keep saying its the continued story but what i'm saying is that i want it to continue with the sonci adventure title. k?

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    Re: Crappy Videogames!

    Will you two please stop bickering?
    I mean this thread was to talk about crappy games not go on and on about the name of a game.

    @ the mods: sorry I just had enough of the fighting between these two,
    please forgive me as this is not my place to say.

    back on topic now, the first crappy game was digimon as by my early post.
    but I have found another crappy game,
    Stalker for the pc.
    sure the concept is great, about wandering through chernobyl, (where the nuclear reactor went up in the 70-80)
    but the gameplay is terrible, it is sluggish and the fights are utter rubbish.

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