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Thread: Crash bandicoot...is he dead?

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    Thumbs down Crash bandicoot...is he dead?

    I don't really know If Crash bandicoot or the games are dead...but for now I'm gonna have to say yes...he is dead..and so are the games. I say that because the last game I got was Crash of the titans for the psp. It sucked sooo bad that gamespot didn't even give it a score soo yea as much as I don't want to say this....crash is officially dead in my opinion....

    Now tell me, Do you think crash and his games are dead or not...plz tell why and if u dont know why...dont post here thanks!!
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    Re: Crash bandicoot...is he dead?

    I don't think they are "dead" I think that they are '"retired".

    The difference to me is that when a game dies, that they are essentially crap games that shouldn't run on any longer. A retired game I think of as it's had its glory days and it was remembered for it, not like with a one-hit-game (Like a one-hit-wonder) it's a single great game and it's not remembered for any of it's squeals, (Like Soul Reaver, and others) that are only known to be good by that single game, but a good run of squeals until it finally began to start getting bad.

    For instance Sonic had a good run from Sonic for Sega Genesis - Sonic & Knuckles, then another good run from Sonic Adventure - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and so i declare that franchise to be retired.

    And that's the same for Crash Bandicoot. It was great from Crash Bandicoot - Crash Bandicoot 3, and they were great games, but after that the rest of them were crap. So basically, I think dead games are for games that only had a single great game (it's debut game) and a retired game is for games that had a good run, like Crash.

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    Re: Crash bandicoot...is he dead?

    me personally i wish they would make another crash bandicoot game they were always fun i liked all of the games with crash
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