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Thread: Dance Dance Revolution

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    Dance Dance Revolution

    Decided to become one of the millions (I'm only assuming here) that have played/own the game. I just bought Dance Dance Revolution X yesterday just after work to play today. I haven't played it yet, but for it being the "Americanized" version, anyone have other suggestions for the games? I own a PS2 (Old-school I know) and really do like the series from what I've seen in the arcade.

    Can you even get the same one's that are played in Japan? I'm assuming you can if you pay for it, but I was also told that the Japanese version of the game may not even play the American PS2. Who knows. I'm not even sure what other games come with this because I'm too lazy to look in to it

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    Re: Dance Dance Revolution

    honestly i never did like the entire 'home version'. i can never get as fast as i can in the arcade, and i havent found "Burning the Floor" or "Love Shine" yet. damn them.

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