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    Date Night

    My expectations for this movie were really high. Steve Carrell is an excellent actor and Tina Fey is a riot in 3rd Rock and Weekend Update. the premise of the movie is simple and perhaps overused. A couple is looking to spice things up so they head out for a night on the town and they get more excitement than they want. A simple lie about last names turns amok as they find out they actually swapped with an unsavoury pair.

    While the film got several laughs it fell far short what I thought it would. With a huge cast of great actors including Mark Whalberg, Mila Kunis, Mark Ruffulo, Ray Liota, and James Franco. All of them teamed up to give a mild performance.

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    Re: Date Night

    This is really an awesome comedian movie. I like this movie. What you like the most in this movie?..

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    Re: Date Night

    James and Tina had performed superb in this romantic comedy movie. i have seen this and it was quite well i like this.

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