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Thread: Dawn of Mana: my review

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    Thumbs up Dawn of Mana: my review

    ok, so i just beat Dawn of Mana for the first time on normal mode and i figured i'd write a review in case anyone was considering this game and wants a little insight as to how well it plays.

    in the start of the game it's kinda slow but overall it's useful. the tutorial is very well planned out with a part in the story for its basis. as you progress through the game it becomes more and more challenging and even at one point made me put it down for a while due to frustration. the mapping and playstyle are excelent as are its graphics and CG movies. there is also an arena feture allowing you to build up your profile's ability stats. towards the end of the game it becomes insanely difficult and the boss battles are definately formidable. i'm sure after having completed normal that hard and ultimate will provide the a challenge for any avid gamer. there are quite a few boss fights and plenty of side quest( or mini game.. not sure which to classify it as) to complete as well as quite a few secrets to unlock. for anyone who's played any of the mana games then i definately recomend this game and for those of you who havn't played any of the mana games, this game provides the basis for the first game even though it is the most recent one relased. the story is very detailed and i would recomend this to anyone who enjoys a good free battle RPG.

    overall i would give this game an 8.5 due to its high replayability factor and its story tied in with the graphics to make this game a pleasure for any who play it.
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    Re: Dawn of Mana: my review

    There is a review section:
    Main Index - Anime Reviews

    It would be better to post this there, unless you want to have a discussion about the game.

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