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Thread: Dead Space

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    Dead Space

    What are your takes of Dead Space the horror survivor game? What freaked you out the most, what was your favorite and least favorite tool/weapon and why. And which of those damn Necromorph monsters you just say "ah crap" to when you run into them.
    Also, for those who have read the comics and or have watched the prequel movie to the game call simply as D.S. Down Fall, what did you think of it?

    I personally enjoyed playing the game, especially in the dark and having the volume way up. I think the graphics are just beautiful and very well detailed. I'd have to say it's a classic in my book. So far it's the best Sci- Fie horror game I have played in a very long time.
    What freaks me out the most is the whole atmosphere of the game, and the fact that half the time when you turn a corner and everything looks all clear but when you take a look again there is a monster/s in your face or looking over your shoulder and goes "BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!!" which causes me to jump out of my skin and go "AHHHHH!!" Damn I hate when they do that!!
    As far as tools/weapons go, I would have to say the Ripper, or weed whacker as my brother and I call it to be my favorite. It’s a portable buzz saw that can fire spinning razor blades and dismembers those damn Necromorphs. I love taking out their legs as they charge me and then fall and kiss the floor. I love its second firing in which it fires a single blade and then hovers there in front of you and sweep it back and forth taking out their legs causing them to fall down and then finish them off by grinding them into a bloody mess.
    The enemies I hate the most would have to be either the demon crack baby things or the tentacle monsters that come out of the walls. (For those who have played know what I am talking about)
    I have only read the first comic that I downloaded from Xbox live and thought it to be very well done.
    As for the animated movie Down Fall, I have not seen it yet, but I hear it is EXSTREAMLY BLOODY AND VIOLANT (Which goes with out say)....... YAY!!

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