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Thread: Demon's Souls

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    Demon's Souls

    This game is not meant for the casual gamer. Demon's Souls is by far one the hardest games I have ever played but though the cries of agony comes also one of the best PS3 exclusives and JRPGs to date.

    You play as a custom character who goes into The Fog, which is fog, that has enveloped the city of Boletaria. Your basic objective of the game is to kill demons in order to gain souls to power up for the next fight. There really isn't a strong storyline to so there is no need to mention it. The gameplay on the other hand is what makes the game.

    You have your traditional health bar along with a mana gauge and stamina bar. The stamina gauge is used with most of your physical moves like evading, sprinting, swinging a weapon, or defending yourself with a shield so it plays an important role in combat. The blue gauge is the mana which allows you to use magic or miracles: catalysts (wands) can only be used with magic and talismans can only be used with miracles. Combat takes place in real time with enemies that are visual on the field. But combat in this game is more than just hitting enemies lots of times. You need to understand counter attacking and evading attacks along with employing specific stragedies for certain enemies. Running in swords swinging WILL get you killed. There is no maybe about it.This game is almost meant to punish you for death. The game is constantly saving and there is no way get around dying by just loading a previous save file. You actual end the tutorial by dying, just to foreshadow the idea in your head that it will happen often. When you die in Demon's Souls, you come back to life in what is called "Soul Form" where you only have half the Health you do compared to when you are alive. You also lose all they souls you have gained thusfar therefore you have go back to where you died and touch your bloodstain in order to gain back those souls. But if you die before you can get to your bloodstain, you lose all those souls. From there you just have to keep playing until you either kill a boss or find what is call the "Stone of Ephmeral Eyes" in order to resurrect and gain your full health gauge back. Of course, expect to die alot from falling off cliffs and one hit kills. But that's one of the main points of this game. To confront whatever killed you the first time and get passed it the second, usually only to meet another thing that kills you.

    There is online to the game, in which you can summon "blue phantoms" in order to help you play through a level. "Black phantoms" on the contrary, invade your game and try to kill you in order to get resurrected. Other players can leave messages on the ground to help warn another of dangers to come. You can also touch the bloodstains of other players to view how they died to prepare you for what's ahead.

    After suffering many deaths and finally defeating a boss, you resurrect and get a special demon soul. They can be used to gain a large amount of souls to power you up or to forge a special weapon. Not only is resurrection and a demon soul a reward, you also gain that feeling of "I finally conquered these obstacles" This game might sound really annoying but the combat is well executed and the unique play of the game truely gives a rewarding experience.

    Has anybody played the game and what are your opinions about it?

    here are some screenshots

    realize the max health in soul form

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    Re: Demon's Souls

    the game is indeed very awesome! haven't played it in a while, but i'm trudging through as a Priest!

    Good news from Atlus, they are extending the online component to Demon's Souls until at least 2011, so hooray! they are also having a White Soul Tendency thing to celebrate it!

    this game is definitely one for the PS3 collection, and one of the best parts is that the game is great both on and offline!

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