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Thread: Different types of music

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    Re: Different types of music

    ok, most my life was a flip flop so heres a basic timeline

    age 4-10

    age 11-13

    age 14-now
    -heavy metal

    ok my obcession with rock started with the first music video i ever saw, Metallica's For Whom The Bell Tolls, which music video filled me with the awe and wonder of heavy metal. so from then i was pure, black wearing, leather wearin, long haired rock listener. again it changed. around age 11 i started hanging out with some black kids that showed me my first rap song, 2pac's California, which again grabbed my attention with the lyrical wit that some lines had. so i dumped rock out the garbage and started to wear baggy clothes, short hair and jewlery. now, i started to hang out with my friends while their taste in music changed from rap to rock, so i now listen to a combo of the two (they are called sworn enemies, but ppl tho say that dont rele understand.....)

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    Re: Different types of music

    when I wanna relax/chill: Trance
    when Im happy or wanna get all happy and hyper: Hardcore, Hard Dance, Happy Hardcore
    like in a regular mood: rock
    angry: goth metal
    sad: dunno :S

    I dun listen to hip-hop or rap or r&b... just those listed above
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    Re: Different types of music

    I love all sorts of music. My Mother and Father brought us up listening to a very wide range of music. Seems it didn't matter when it was from, what style it was, or if we liked it. We were taught to a least give it a try. After all how could we truly appreciate music, if we didn't experience it all.

    From my Dad I learned to love music from the 40's, 50's, 60's, and music from the British Isles and Ireland. From my Mom I learned to appreciate classical, soundtracks, New age, and heavy metal (she listens to KORN).

    My favorite genres/styles are:

    40's & 50's (like Frank Sinatra & Bobby Darren)
    YouTube - Frank Sinatra - Stardust (1943)
    YouTube - Mack The Knife

    New age (like Enya)
    YouTube - Caribbean Blue - Spirited Away.

    Groups from Britain (like The Beatles)
    YouTube - Live and Let Die ~Anime

    Alternative music (like Evanescence)
    YouTube - Evanescence: Snow White Queen Anime Mix!

    Celtic music (like Maire Brennan)
    YouTube - Legend of the Dragoon - Be thou my vision

    Anime music (too many to mention)
    YouTube - fighting dreamers
    YouTube - Wolf's Rain Ending

    Soundtracks (like LOTR)
    YouTube - Annie Lennox - Into The West

    Holiday music (again too many to mention)(love the first one. For those who know what a Chanukah bush is and eat Chinese on Christmas)
    YouTube - Chinese Food On Christmas
    YouTube - Mary's Boy Child
    YouTube - Bing Crosby - White Christmas
    YouTube - josh groban holy night

    I have always loved all holiday music. I grew up where it snowed every year. The holiday music always seemed to make the whole holiday (Chanukah thru Christmas and New years) season even more cheerful.

    One of my favorite international artist (singers) is David Broza.
    YouTube - דויד ברוזה - בוכה אל הקירות -David Broza -Boche El Hakirot

    I hope that you enjoy some of the music I do. Happy Holidays everyone!
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    Re: Different types of music

    I'm a pretty big rock and metal fan. R&B makes me feel mushy and thats a feeling I prefer to bury and never let see the light of day again. However rock lets me get out a lot of frustration without hurting anything or anyone.

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    Re: Different types of music

    Well, I seem to fall a bit off standard here, but that can be a good thing right? :P

    I'm very much into Deephouse and Techhouse, for the people who don't know what it is you can listen to some music of the Timewriter and Jimpster or Fish Go Deep at some online shop by clicking the links.

    For the rest I'm into Trance (mainly vocal) and hiphop/rnb/jazz combinations. The dutch scene is pretty good at that and that is mainly where the good stuff comes from: Benny Sings.

    Also Minimal is something I listen to from time to time, artists like these I can really appreciate: Minilogue

    Maybe I can get some people along here :P

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    Re: Different types of music

    i am fan of love songs and musics .... and i like little of rock and opera ..... and i find the best songs for love for (Josh Groban ... for the year 2004 ) when i listen to it i feel something in my heart ..... and this feelings make me so happy and i don't know why ... =^_^=
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    Re: Different types of music

    I listen to a good variety of music, but i stay away from that pop garbage played on the radio, ala nu-metal, pop, pop-rap, etc.
    What i do listen to:
    Metal - not metal core, metal ( maiden, dio, etc)
    Folk - ala woodie guthrie and so on
    country - real country.. Johnny Cash, Hank 1 etc
    Noise - Lightning Bolt is good stuff im telling you
    Prog rock
    hip - hop - i mean that UG heat, Heiroglyphics, Del, and Aesop Rock

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    Re: Different types of music

    I listen to a variety of music also. I think it's rather funny when a person sticks to one genre of music and can't get out of their comfort zone and listen to other things.

    I like indie, ska, punk, screamo, pop, rock, alternative, metal, some hip hop and rap, electronic, and the chill fun stuff. Haha, although i think rap is really gross and what not, I can't lie that there is some good rap and when it's good, it's good to dance to.
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