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Thread: Disney fairy tale movies

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    Re: Disney fairy tale movies

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!, i love dory becasue she is soo out going and crazy and nemo is soo cute and squirt, took my heart away,

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    Re: Disney fairy tale movies

    Quote Originally Posted by _gwenibe_ View Post
    hmm... I think Finding Nemo was Pixar, but yeah! I loved that one too ^_^
    loved how they showed Sydney Harbour!
    Oh yea, that was Pixar, my bad. Well my second favorite movie, and by Disney I think, is Alice in Wonderland. I never get bored of watching that and I've seen it around 50 times probably.
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    Re: Disney fairy tale movies

    if u talking about the all time greatest of disney movies then i would definately have to say The lion king is one of the greatest. its a great story about the lion simba, but the thing i love the most about it are the good songs in it and Timon and Pumbaa where the greatest, love there comedy routein lol.

    other than that i would have to give my next vote to 101 dolmations (cartoon one). i thought it was pretty funny toward the end how the evil women villian quewela devil, ahh and the song that went with it was great. love that song lol.

    hmm i guess my last vote will have to go to aladdin, and the thing loved most about that movie was the funny little monkey although most the time he was the elephant but it was good for a few laughts and the story line was very interesting. + my favourite part of it would have to be when aladdin shows up to the palace as a prince and they do all that fancy dancing and storm into the palace.. ahh great stuff, truely great stuff

    well that about all the movies that disney made that i remember liking... i know there is probably more but i can't remember them. such a long time ago.

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    Re: Disney fairy tale movies

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. K View Post

    Can I say these are not all of them, and I still like to pop one of these movies in once in a while. >.< I am so INMATURE~
    Not so, Mr. K! >.< Watching Disney fairy tale movies do not make a person immature, at least I don't think so. I mean, I can think of other things that are immature, but this is absolutely not one of them. C'mon, the stories are wonderful and also meaningful, how can one resist them? You probably think this way because it seems that only children take a liking to these kind of movies, but what the heck, what's so bad about being a child? It's the child in us that we must always remember and retain, ne? ^-^ I am sure that not only small children enjoy and appreciate fairy tales; I know I do! ^^ And thank you for sharing all those wonderful quotes from your favorite Disney movies, and to the others for taking the time to post in this thread and sharing a generous amount of replies!

    It's funny that Finding Nemo is mentioned, because Finding Nemo just happens to be my favorite movie! Why? Hee, it's for a very simple reason actually - it's the only movie that has made me smile all throughout ^^

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    Re: Disney fairy tale movies

    Hehe yeah, as well with Mr. K, I screwed up our Aladdin tape by rewinding it back to watch the songs again. The part where it goes into 'Prince Ali' is messed up, and the tape pretty much jams at that point. Aaaah tapes, how outdated now.

    I'd have to say my favourite is 'Robin Hood,' because I used to be infatuated with the story of Robin Hood (my family is originally from England, and I wanted to go to Nottingham soooo bad when I was a kid). Plus, a lot of the disney movies had female characters as the lead (Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Mulan, Pocahontas) and this one the main character was guy.

    I got sad whenever I saw all the animals stuck in the jail cell, with the mouses feeding that baby mouse the last of the food crumbs and them giving the soup to the sick. I used to be pretty emotional when I was young (I cried a lot when watching movies...not outright crying, but I'd start tearing up and stuff....I completely lost it when I first saw "The King and I" with Yule Brenner).....so that scene made me sad because you had the characters putting the sick and young before themselves.

    Plus, I thought it was hilarious when King Richard would suck his thumb and call for his mommy.

    But yeah, I'd have to say it's probably my favourite if I had to choose one Disney movie to watch. Buuut, without rambling, I can't stand the new Disney movies out there now, and the company has just become a complete money grab.

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