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Thread: does anyone know of the game steambot chronicles?

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    does anyone know of the game steambot chronicles?

    it seems every game thread i start title is " does anyone know" got to stop doing that. know back on topic does anyone know the game steambot chronicles?

    Although this game has difficult controls and rampant slowdowns this game is one of my favs. a game that allows you to be a member of a band. mulitple endings, mechas( trotmobiles),

    plot summary thank to wikipedia.

     click to show spoiler

    does anyone else know of this game or am i the only steambot fan here?
    ~i am so lonely~

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    Re: does anyone know of the game steambot chronicles?

    ^o^ Soshi and i friggin love that game~!! we played it for hours and hours!

    he was really good at the trumpet and i was really good on the harmonica~!!

    and we both hate Connie~!!

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    Re: does anyone know of the game steambot chronicles?

    Yeah but some of her songs were pretty good.
    ...she was just a drama queen at times.

    The controls in the game were definitely difficult to most people, but Abu and I eventually got used to them. ...Abu unlocked parts of the game I had no idea could be unlocked (no matter how many times I checked), so she had a much more interesting steambot than mine... and it kicked my steambot's butt...
    Before those upgrades, my steambot could easily beat her steambot into rubble.

    ...so not fair.

    Anyways, it was a refreshingly different game, and I'm surprised it was ever sent overseas. Games like those usually stick to Japan.
    And at first, the songs weren't that great to my ears, but they eventually caught on and became VERY addictive (I still sing some of the songs to this day)...
    ^_^ The instrument part had to be one of my favorite parts of the game... I tried several instruments, but the only one I had a real attachment to was the trumpet.
    Wish I could freestyle in that game though, would've loved to add some higher notes on some parts of the song. But heck, the songs were good enough anyways.

    I had heard a Bumpy Trot 2 came out (or was in the works) years ago. ...sadly, due to my internet acting up, I can't see if that became a Japan exclusive or it's still in the works.
    The game's story was a fun adventure, haven't seen a story like that in a while. If they added some camping moments, that game would've become a nostalgia-factory for those who haven't played it in a while. ...sadly, I can only remember traveling through areas on my steambot, cruising the city at night, and playing my trumpet in the streets. The music still rings in my head, but I think there should've been more group moments.
    ...it sure was fun to try and date though.

    ^_^ Ah, what a game. That's definitely something I like about Japanese games, originality... American and Euro games depend a lot on sequels. Sure Japanese games have tons of sequels, but at least there's some new games with interesting new concepts that come out at the same time... ....buuuut not all of them make it to the States, so whatev.

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