I am a Christopher Walken Fan. I love his movies and his prescense. He is a pop culture icon. I used to like Tom Berenger as well. You can imagine my surprise when I saw an old movie on televisin called Dogs Of War. The plot revolves around the military coup of a ficticious African country. Tom Berenger and Christopher Walken are part of a mercenary group contracted by governments and splinter factions that would benefit from a prearranged mineral rights deal, they signed with a prospective dictator. The death of an innocent well intentioned man lead to many moral questions about who the mercenaries are working for and a turn of heart in Christopher Walken. The last scene has lines to remember, as an angry englishman exclaims "this country has been bought and paid for" and the character Shannon saying "well now you have to buy it all over again." If you want to see a good but not too well known Christopher Walken movie or Berenger when he was at teh top of his game get this movie. Ed O'Neill also has a bit part.