Hey, im Dylan Campbell and this is my review on Dragon Age 2
When i first started playing i thought that it would be almost exactly like the first one accept their are new moves and different strategies that you would half to come up with to defeat the undefeatable bosses. Then i relized that Dragon Age 2 was a combination of World of Warcraft and Two Worlds with a little of Oblivion graphics, which made me cry a little. the game itself sucked since it was hard to switch from character to character in the heat of battle, but also the fact that the 'new moves' that was supposed to have been put into the game weren't realy all that new. The campaign was ok to me but then again I do take it pretty easy on the campaigns of games. but the all around gameplay was horrible since the graphics were basicly the same, the moves were basicaly the same, and the characters, how different they were, were basicaly the same. now what i did like about the game was the fact that i got to choose if my characters was a jerk or the kind of man every girl wants to date. but even that can't measure up to the suckiness that was showed to me by this game, i mean i didn't even finish the campaign -even though i only just got it-. so, if your looking to buy dragon age 2, i wouldn't recomend it if your a big time gamer, but if your just looking for something to occupy your time with, Dragon age 2 is the game your looking for.