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Thread: A Dragon at the Con!

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    A Dragon at the Con!

    Hey everybody! Just wanted to do a little post about how things are going at DragonCon in Atlanta. They had the costumed parade today, but there were hardly any Anime Cosplayers there. At the convention itself though I ran into some pretty cool fellow Bleach Cosplayers. Apparently Bankai form Ichigo is pretty popular this year. I was dressed as Rangiku Matusmoto... LOL, had a guy tell me I had the "cleavage of the gods." That was good for a smile. Also got to see an Ichigo cosplayer propose to his girlfriend who was dressed as Rukia. TOO CUTE!!! Congrat's to them and I hope they have a long happy life ahead of them.
    If any of ya'll are here at the con right now, please post and maybe we'll run into each other. I'm probably gonna go in costume again tomorrow, so keep an eye out and say hey if you see me!

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    Re: A Dragon at the Con!

    I really think you should post this in the gallery. Talk about the convention all you want and just place a link to the gallery or something.

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