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Thread: Drillbit Taylor - surprised me.

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    Drillbit Taylor - surprised me.

    Drillbit Taylor: Budget Bodyguard.

    I didn't expect this to be a good movie at all. A commercial of Owen Wilson making lame jokes with outcasted high school kids just doesn't sell me.

    But... it was actually pretty funny. Like, if I'm ever channel surfing and I come across it, I might stop and watch it. It was a little ridiculous, but not to the point that it wasn't entertaining.

    Oh. And it didn't have Ben Stiller in it.

    [Plus, there was no shortage of hot guys for my best friend and I to squeal over the whole time. And there was an 8-second Fight Club reference, to my boyfiend's delight. ]

    Anyone else seen it?

    [Draw me a sheep!]

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    Re: Drillbit Taylor - surprised me.

    It was to my Delight.
    And i agree it was pretty funny it really caught me offguard i would recommend it.

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