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Thread: Dungeon Fighter Online

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    Dungeon Fighter Online

    Greetings, fellow AOers.

    No doubt you've seen the online advertisments for the new game by Korean developer, Nexon. (If not, please follow this link: Dungeon Fighter Online )

    The famed developers of MapleStory have brought us something new and rather original in the form of Dungeon Fighter Online, a massively multiplayer online 2D arcade fighter/RPG hybrid.

    Now as we all probably know, MapleStory was and is a huge hit. Will Nexon let us down?

    I am glad to say, no.

    Now, since I've played the game, I can truthfully say that the fun-factor is way up there. I've never been so addicted to a play-for-free game before.

    It harkens back to the days of the classic Streets of Rage and Street Fighter games, making it pure gold for 2D fighter fans.

    But is it just another clone from the past? Is it just another Street Fighter with different character skins? Nope, and nope.

    With a very interesting leveling and character customization system, this game is sure to keep you busy into the late hours of the night, and the early hours of the morning.

    The core gameplay is challenging enough for the hardcore player, but can also be simple enough for the casual gamer.

    There are times where the game can be a tad repetitive. It is, after all, half RPG.

    It doesn't look like DFO will be faltering from Nexon's tradition of creating online games that break the floor, with both gameplay and graphics.

    What do you think?
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    Re: Dungeon Fighter Online

    Me myself am more of a casual gamer.i like customizing a character and having some fun.most rpgs though good character creations...make you need to play 24/7 to level up to an insane level before you get to have fun.

    dungion fighter on the other hand puts right into action and give you enough fire power to start having fun right off the bat. i love the game. its fun to play and not to complicated like most mmorpgs. my only complaint so far is the character customization.
    you should be able to change up you persons looks right when you start and not have to pay for so much stuff.

    other than that the game is very fun and has a little story thrown in for good measure. download it and have fun.

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