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Cooool. Finaly somebody actuly plays D&D. Yaaay.
Ok. Lets get serius for a bit.
First of all I think that lvl 150 immortal elvish warlord is a bit overkill and absulutly unplayable and unsuted for gaming. Ok I understand the lvl 150 immortal warlord bit. But why in th Nine Hell is everybody so obsessed with elves..
In my 3 year carier I had numares caracters.LIke Orc-Barberian, Elf-wizard, Human-fighter, Tiefling-Monk, and so on. But my favorite caracter was the lagandery LawfulGood Bugbear-Monk the level doesnt mater because it was a long champaingh. Onc I played NeutralEvil Human-Ninja and the DM made me kill my some of my teammates. I had Fun.
I rarly DM but whan I do it always the same the players want tot play an evil
advanture. The PC ate people ravaged cityes, broke neks, broke a samuris sword, stole candy from a baby and the they split the baby among tham selves you know the usual evil thing.

i know he's overkill. thats why he's a background "God" character in my campaign, the character i play with my family (my major RP group) is a drow fighter (level 6).

i despise barbarians (so of course my dad picked one) and orcs (guess what my dad is).
i have a level 10 human paladin (never did find the patience to keep with a fighter very long for any of my characters but Fayt)
Ninja? come one, assassins are more fun as bad guys (with the occasional {or very comon} blackguard/archmage combo ;D).

i always make my own world, my family and i play in the same world that the book i'm writing takes place in (main character is NOT named Fayt).