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Thread: Dynasty Warriors 6

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    Dynasty Warriors 6

    Who is your favorite dynasty warriors character?

    My favorite would have to be LuBu he is quiet a force on his red horse.

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    Re: Dynasty Warriors 6

    Being a fan of the games since the third installment, I've found i have a favorite character from all three kingdoms (four if i count the Han i think their name is):

    Shu- Zhao Yun. My first character I've ever played and he has grown on me. I just can't get enough of that spear!

    Wei- Sima Yi. Cunning, devious, sarcastic, and ruthless. What more can you ask for? Plus his wire claws are badass.

    Wu- Ling Tong. Lazy and apathetic, yet full of energy and heart. You gotta love it!

    I must say though, Liu Bei is a close second in the Shu category, and he would have been first if his Musou mode wasn't such a pain in the a**.
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