If so, does anybody currently play Guild Wars? I have an account and two players, my PVP one is the one I use the most and I was wondering if there was anyone on here that I could team with on PVP. (I only currently have the Prophecies Campaign, I'm going to get Factions sometime though.)

Besides buying the disks, It's free. So if you have a computer that can handle EQII with all It's expansion packs, Than you computer will most likely run GW well. If you can get into MMORPG's like EQ, than it's fun. I haven't gotten additced yet, but I don't play it all that much either.

Second up is Americas Army. Fun game, this is one that I play frequently. it's the first MMOFPS that I've seen, let alone played. Team/squad based, All the guns are real, Every gunner picks out of a pool type thing, normally between 18 A, B, Z, and severel different ranks attatched to R, AR, or S. It is also free, you don't even have to buy discs, you just have to download, set up an account, go through their training, and you're set to smoke ppl (and get smoked) in maps you are allowed to enter from training.

Again just looking for someone who plays either game, I'll probably be looking back here periodically to see if anybody responded.