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Thread: Fable 1 vs Fable 2

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    Fable 1 vs Fable 2

    Since I made Resident Evil 4 vs 5 I thought this would aslo be a good form. Which game did you think did a better job and why. Me I loved alot of things about both games so it wasnt a bloodbath for one. Some of the things I loved about Fable 1 is the story,the characters (Lady Gray, Twinblades, and many more). I loved the spells more, it was nice to have armor , it was much easier to get a tattoo cause you could look at the card and see what you were getting, and the last thing I thought was better was there was a boss at the end unlike Fable 2 (which got my very angry). What I loved about Fable 2 was the jobs that made money easy to get and it was fun (for me), I lliked that they had guns in it but I didn't like how they took out the bows and arrows, I really like that when you made money off of houses or stores you didn't have to go and pick the money up which was really nice and cause you didn't pick it up it made it so it wouldn't stop giving you money cause the bag outside your door was full, I liked how the places where much bigger (to me) then in Fable 1 like the towns they just seemed it to me, I liked how they had 50% sells that was nice made me alot of money, and last I would say I really liked my dog he helped me find silver keys, treasures, and helped me dig crap up I was so sad in the ending. I say Fable 1 was better just mostly cause the story but I loved all the little extra things they did in Fable 2 which made it a really nice game.

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    Re: Fable 1 vs Fable 2

    Closing this for two reasons:

    1) You are not a community member and are not allowed to post favorite or versus threads (had you read the Rules and FAQ, you would know this.)
    2) This post is more like a review then something to provoke discussion. you don't ask questions, you don't even ask what others think.

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